The Mood Enhancer Series
Collage Works from 1998-1999
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These collage drawing/paintings were begun in 1997.  The primary, but not exclusive, collage material used in these works is the printed insides of safety envelopes, which I have been collecting for a number of years.

I was interested in working in a two-dimensional, primarily rectangular format, in a way that was much more involved with hand gesture and drawing and painting concerns than I had been dealing with in my sculpture.

The initial pieces were mostly studies for these painted wood constructions, which have been my primary studio involvement since re-locating to Los Angeles in 1991. Some have remained studies but, since 1998, they have mostly evolved into collage drawing/paintings that stand on their own as a separate direction and shift in sensibility from my sculpture.  They are less about the abrupt shifts of surfaces and unexpected juxtapositions I deal with in my sculpture, and more involved with poetic associations, implications, and suggestion.  Mood, in these works, has become more important than compositional and structural strategies.

At the suggestion of a journalist friend, Luis Rangel. I have titled this series of collages The Mood Enhancer Series .

James Zver

March 1999
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